Proposals for CISH 2010 Themes

Deadline extended to December 15

One of the major functions of the AHA’s Committee on International Historical Activities is to provide liaison between the historical profession in the United States and the International Committee of Historical Sciences (known by its French acronym CISH).

CISH has begun to plan for its 21st international congress, to be held in Amsterdam in 2010. National Committees and International Affiliated Organizations have been requested to develop proposals for major themes, specialized themes and round tables for the 2010 meeting. At its next general assembly, which will be held in Beijing in 2007, CISH will make a final decision and choose three major themes, twenty specialized themes and twenty-five round tables.

AHA members interested in proposing themes for possible selection by CISH should send them to Iris Berger, the chair of the AHA’s Committee on International Historical Activities, through e-mail addressed to Bethany Johnson by December 15, 2006 (with “CISH” in the subject line). Suggestions for potential organizers for any sessions based on these themes will also be welcome.

The American Historical Association is the U.S. National Committee for the International Congress of Historical Sciences.

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    A very interesting general theme is “the migration phenomena”. An a specialised theme is: “comparative between South Europe border and USA-Mexican border”.