Explore Historic Federal Courthouses

Sioux Falls, South Dakota Courthouse
The Historic Federal Courthouses site, created by the Federal Judicial Center, is a compilation of hundreds of images and detailed information on federal courthouses across the nation. Visitors of the site can search by state and find courthouses listed by city and date of completion. Every courthouse entry includes details like the name of the building’s supervising architect, and multiple versions of the courthouse image, including a high resolution one that can be used in print publications. This site may interest a range of visitors, from the curious online user to teachers in the classroom.

The overarching Federal Judicial Center site, of which the Historic Federal Courthouses site is just a part, contains even more, with numerous resources for teachers and others interested in the US court system. It includes Judge biographies, Court histories, Tutorials, and links to other court materials. So visit, and explore.

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