Seeing Results: Online Projects Funded by TAH Grants

As mentioned recently on this blog, the U.S. Department of State is again accepting Teaching American History Grant applications, and has even organized a workshop to demystify the process. Still deciding whether to apply? Check out the Center for History and New Media’s Teaching American History site to see five online projects created with funding from the TAH grant program.

CHNM's Teaching American History site

These online projects, created by Virginia and Maryland school districts in collaboration with George Mason University, show the schedule teachers followed while participating in these projects and display the thorough lesson plans (including many primary sources) they created at the end. One of these online projects, the Foundations of U.S. History site, contains a number of videos, one of which features teacher Stacy Hoeflich analyzing a map of Virginia from 1612 and using it in a classroom of 4th graders (see image of video below). The Teaching American History grants sound like a great idea, but this site proves that seeing is believing.

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