Celebrating Women’s History

March is Women’s History Month, and for the occasion the Library of Congress is honoring a variety of women from U.S. history on their Women’s History Month site. The site contains an abundance of resources on influential women as well as links to related web sites, like the American Memory site on women, the Women at War project, and more. The Women’s History Month site gives visitors access to images of women in a range of situations: fighting for suffrage, living through the Depression, acting as First Lady. There are also audio and video files available to allow visitors to hear these women speak for themselves. And teachers will find a link to the LOC’s learning page for “ready-to-use lesson plans” on women’s history, and other classroom resources. Visit the Women’s History Month web site and see how the Library of Congress is celebrating “the wisdom and tenacity of women throughout U.S. History.”

Women's History Month Site

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