From the Archives: History and Technology

As yesterday’s blog post noted, the May issue of Perspectives has a theme: “History and the Changing Landscape of Information,” or more simply “history and technology.” After reading the May issue’s articles, it’s enlightening to look back at when Perspectives tackled this issue before, in February 1998 and 1999. Some articles include statements that humorously remind us how far we’ve come, while others ask questions that are still relevant to the discipline. Let’s take a trip down the history and technology memory lane:

February 1998


    • Can You Do Serious History on the Web?
      by Carl Smith
      “Has the unregulated culture of the Internet made cyberspace a bloated refuge for work of questionable value that otherwise couldn’t–and shouldn’t–see the light of day?”


February 1999

    • Have I Wasted My Summer on This Web Site?
      by Joe Cain
      “This article considers some of the relations between Web design and effective pedagogy. Web sites are worth the effort, but only if you think before you act.”


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