BibMe: Build Bibliographies in a Couple of Clicks

The new website BibMe claims to be “the quickest way to build a works cited page.” While that assertion is yet to be tested, the site does offer some pretty cool features displayed on a very clean interface, and did we mention it’s free?!

To use BibMe, first pick what type of source you’d like to cite. Choose from a selection of seven tabs on the top of the screen, labeled book, magazine, newspaper, website, journal, film, and other. You’re then able to search that section by your source’s title or URL. BibMe offers you a list of search results, from which you can select your source. Once selected, voila! all of its bibliographic info is autofilled for you (there is also a manual entry mode, where you can fill in the info yourself). As you create citations they are gathered on the right side of your screen on a mock piece of notebook paper titled “My Bibliography.” Once you’ve created your bibliography you can download it as a word document, or you can create a BibMe account (also free) and save it online for next time. Of course BibMe’s hippest feature is the “Share on Facebook” ability.

On a related note, see our past post on another bibliography builder, Zotero.

BibMe Bibliography Creator

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  1. Andy Brown

    You may want to give WizFolio a try. WizFolio is a web 2.0 bibliographic management tool with Word 2003/2007 plugin that allows you to cite your citations. With WizAdd you can almost easily import anything off the internet in cite-able format using our powerful parsers. We will be releasing a citation tool for Google Docs and Open Office in June 2010. Do let us know about your comments at