Yellow Pages for the Academic Blogosphere

There are tons of blogs out there (upwards of 70 million according to Technorati founder Dave Sifry), but the overwhelming abundance can leave one daunted and left with nothing good to read. Luckily, there are a few sites out there that have filtered through the masses to find academic blogs and present them in a manageable way. We’ve noted before that Cliopatria’s history blogroll is a good place to start to find blogs that may be of particular interest to historians, but there are a couple of other sites out there that categorize the wide and varied world of academic blogs. is a wiki that has drawn from the knowledge of many to amass an excellent collection of academic blogs. It lists blogs from disciplines like the humanities, sciences, and the arts, but also includes administration, library, and museum blogs. To make searching and finding these blogs easier it also orders them by university and by language. The creators of the site value it as a work in progress, and aim to keep it that way, ever evolving. takes a different approach than the wiki format. Users can still add links to the site, but they must first create an account, and submitted links are subject to review by an editor before they’re posted. This review process may be part of the reason it lists so many fewer blogs than  But BlogScholar makes up for this deficiency with other features. While it mainly serves as a directory, the site is also a blog itself, with posts that highlight interesting articles from and about other blogs. The site was created and currently maintained by Chris Brauer, a PhD student from Goldsmith College at the University of London.

Don’t despair, even though new blogs are being created at a rate of 1.4 per second, sites like these will keep things organized.

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  1. Mark Stoneman

    Thank you for these useful tips. Dealing exclusively with the non-academic blog directories can get tiresome, especially since the focus of so many bloggers on them seems to be on raising rmoney through advertising.

  2. Dave Butler

    Thanks for the links. I’ve been trying to find some websites that deal with former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the cite-libre magazine that he published. The links above are a great starting point.