Grant of the Week: John H. Daniels Fellowship from the National Sporting Library

The John. H. Daniels Fellowship supports researchers at the National Sporting Library, a research center for horse and fields sports, for periods of up to one year. Eligible applicants include university faculty, graduate students, museum curators, librarians, writers, and journalists from the following disciplines: history, literature, art history, anthropology, area studies, and history of sport. Recipients of the fellowship will receive a monthly stipend (max. of $2,000/month), free housing near the Library, workspace, and other resources.

The National Sporting Library has over 16,000 volumes in its collection, covering the areas of horse sports, angling, beagling, falconry, dueling, blood sports, and sport shooting. Also available are works from the 16th century onward that cover veterinary practices, horse training and care, cavalry and the horse in war, and farm management. The application deadline is September 30, 2007. Visit the John H. Daniels Fellowship page for more information and instructions on how to apply.

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