AHA Now Accepting Electronic Proposals for the 123rd Annual Meeting

The electronic proposal submission system for the 2009 Annual Meeting in New York City is now open. It is available via the proposal page on the AHA web site.

The new interface, maintained by a new outside contractor, is more user friendly, with clearer instructions and a better interface for adding presenters and presentations to a session proposal. Those submitting proposals should be sure to consult the instructions on the submission page and collect all necessary abstracts, biographies, and other information before submitting the proposal. Only electronic proposals will be accepted. The submission deadline will be midnight, Pacific Standard Time, on February 15, 2008.

The new system has been customized to better reflect the AHA’s different session types. Organizers of multi-session workshops will now be able to assign a common title to the workshop and submit a brief description of its overall purpose and goals. Organizers of experimental sessions will be prompted to include a 50 to 75-word description of the session format. For details, see the “Instructions for Submission of Proposals.”

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