Final Week for Preregistration Rates

This is the last week to get lower preregistration rates for the AHA’s 122nd Annual Meeting in D.C. After this Friday, December 21, 2007, prices will increase to onsite meeting rates.

This is also the last week for high school and undergraduate teachers bringing student groups to receive a special rate. This teacher-student group rate is only available during preregistration and allows high school teachers to attend the meeting and bring up to five students for $50, and for undergraduate teachers to attend the meeting and bring up to five students for $100.

Members should preregister for the meeting by going through member services. Nonmembers can either join now or use the link through the registration page on the AHA web site.

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  1. Mark Stoneman

    I find myself in the position of living in Washington DC and not pre-registering. The meeting is prohibitively expensive for someone barely making a living with a full-time teaching load as an adjunct professor. I suppose I could register as unemployed, since that’s what I officially am between semesters (never mind the real work still to be done), but even $65.00 is rather a lot for someone with no income in that period.

    I know these things don’t happen for free, but it seems to me that those of us at the bottom of the profession’s pecking order are being asked to shoulder a disproportionate share of the burden. And that’s on top of what we face in our daily work lives. Many will put up with it, because that is where interviews happen.