Grant of the Week: Morris D. Forkosch Prize from the Journal of the History of Ideas

Each year the Journal of the History of Ideas awards the Morris D. Forkosch Prize ($2,000) in intellectual history. Submissions must be limited to the first book published by any author, and to books published in English, pertaining to one or more of the disciplines associated with intellectual history and the history of ideas broadly conceived: viz., history (including the histories of the various arts and sciences); philosophy (including the philosophy of science, aesthetics, and other fields); political thought; the social sciences (including anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology); and literature (including literary criticism, history and theory).

No translations or collections of essays will be considered. The judges will favor publications displaying sound scholarship, original conceptualization, and significant chronological and interdisciplinary scope.

Authors and publishers interested in the 2007 competition should contact the editorial offices of the Journal of the History of Ideas for additional information: The deadline for nominations is February 1st, 2008.

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