Thursday Overview – 122nd Annual Meeting

Welcome to the first day of the 122nd Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, held this year in Washington, D.C., from today, January 3rd through this Sunday, January 6th. The theme for the 2008 meeting is “Uneven Developments,” and it calls upon historians to reflect on historical processes that have resulted in persistent and dramatic material inequalities, as well as in the uneven impact over time of changing institutions, ideologies, religious and cultural practices, and technologies.

Each morning of the meeting AHA Today will highlight some of the sessions, events, and activities taking place that day.

Today at the Annual Meeting:

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  1. Adrian Seath

    It’s far too complicated to find the floorplans for the hotels on the website to help people figure out the difference between Maryland A and Delaware B. I spent a good twelve minutes hunting before I finally stumbled upon them.

  2. Elisabeth Grant, AHA Web Content Editor

    Detailed maps of the hotels can be found on pages 55-60 of the print Program. But don’t hesitate to ask an AHA staff member (red ribbons on their badges), LAC member (yellow shirts), or hotel staff (red coats) for directions. We’re all there to help you find where you need to go.