A Wise Guide, Eh?

The Library of Congress’s Wise Guide is a flashy web portal meant to introduce visitors to what the LOC has to offer online. Each month the site highlights about half a dozen online features, presenting a brief article and related links for each. The April 2008 edition of the guide includes posts on the library’s baseball resources, images of Lincoln, and highlights of the new “Library of Congress Experience,” to name a few.

The Library of Congress's Wise Guide

Visit the Wise Guide’s archives to explore past months’ features. For instance, learn about the Conquest of Mexico and the LOC’s “Exploring the Early Americas,” in the January 2008 guide. Check out the November 2007 guide for a feature on Lewis and Clark. Or, find links to a webcast about the history of the American flag from the guide in June of 2007.

The Library of Congress's Wise Guide

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