Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial from is part of Web 2.0 for historians. On the site visitors can search for and contribute original documents, create galleries of images, and make profile pages. A free membership is required to access most content on the site, while an “all-access” membership ($7.95 per month or $59.95 per year) unlocks all the site’s features. also offers a 7-Day free trial membership.’s newest feature is the Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial

This section of the site allows visitors to search the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall by veterans’ names. Once the name is found a high resolution zoomed in image of it appears. From there members of the site can add images associated with the veteran as well as comments. The interactive wall is a fascinating resource that is sure to draw in professional and amateur historians alike.

Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial

For more information, visit the site of the Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial or check out the Footnote blog.

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  1. Jim Schueckler

    A web site similar ot the one described above opened in 1997. The web site named THE VIRTUAL WALL™ at has thousands of personal tributes to the fallen in the form of letters, photographs, and citations.

    In 2001 THE VIRTUAL WALL partnered to take high-resolution photographs of the Wall, which can be browsed and zoomed at Clicking on a name on displays the database information for that person.

    THE VIRTUAL WALL is completely free; it does not accept donations, fees, or advertising in order to honor the fallen.

    THE VIRTUAL WALL has a links page with hundreds of links to Vietnam War related web sites.

    Clicking my name, below, will take you directly to THE VIRTUAL WALL.

  2. Vietnam Veterans

    Well, I like the idea of the the site. It is nice to look up names right on the internet. I wish I didn’t have to pay to see more. But I might have to. It is good to know that people are showing their appreciation for those that gave their life for this country.