What We’re Reading: May 22, 2008 Edition

As we round out the last weeks in May we note that this month many celebrated Asian Pacific Heritage, and we link to a Library of Congress page of resources for that. Speaking of commemoration, sometimes it comes with challenges. For instance, we’ve been reading articles about the ongoing design debate over the Martin Luther King memorial. From the National Coalition for History we’ve learned about recent grants and awards, while we look to the National Trust for Historic Preservation for its most recent list of the Most Endangered Historic Places. Then read about obscure online databases, Western adventure, what a history major can do, digitization in Timbuktu, and a new D.C. museum. Or, just for fun, revisit political election logos from 1960 to the present.

Contributors: David Darlington, Debbie Ann Doyle, Elisabeth Grant, and Pillarisetti Sudhir

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  1. Larry Cebula

    I just wanted to thank you all for these “What We’re Reading” posts. They are extremely valuable for keeping up with the explosion of digital history and related developments.