The National History Education Clearinghouse

The National History Education Clearinghouse (NHEC) is a project designed to create a “central online location for accessing high-quality resources in K-12 U.S. history education.” This endeavor is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, led by George Mason’s Center for History and New Media (CHNM) and the Stanford University History Education Group, and partnered with the American Historical Association and National History Center. At the 2009 Annual Meeting the AHA Teaching Division is holding sessions and a workshop for teachers in conjunction with the NHEC.

National History Education Clearinghouse - resources for K-12 history teachers, lesson plans, podcasts, links, news, and more

The web site part of this project launched early last month, and has been reported on by Dan Cohen, the National Coalition for History, and the National History Center.

Despite its recent launch, the site already contains a large volume of excellent resources. Below we list the main sections of the National History Education Clearinghouse site and point to some of the content they contain.

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