Exploring Early Modern London

The Map of Early Modern London site is like Google Maps for Shakespeare’s time. But instead incorporating traffic patterns, restaurants, and shortest routes, this experimental map shows wards, churches, and livery companies. Locations on the map are linked articles, or related information. And for visitors who find the layered experimental map too daunting, there is the simpler original Agas Map, which can be zoomed in on and has locations to click on, but doesn’t offer the many features of the experimental version.

Map of Early Modern Europe, Experimental version

Visit the site index for lists of streets, churches, sites, wards, people, and literary references. Check out the library for information on shows that took place in the city, like the Thomas Middleton’s The Triumphs of Truth. If the site really sparks your interest see the sources and links pages to find related information.

Map of Early Modern Europe, simple version

While the Map of Early Modern London site contains a wealth of information, it is somewhat incomplete, with some labeled locations missing descriptive information. To remedy this, the creators of the site are seeking contributors to add relevant additions. Just send a brief c.v. and a description of the contribution you’d like to make to the general editor at london@uvic.ca. Hat tip.

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    1. Ms Max

      Yes, most of the links take me to a dead end – do not exist, page. I notice, Tim, that you posted in 2008. I’m posting in May 2014 and nothing much seems to have changed as far as working links.