National Park Service Releases Historic Preservation Study

Report on the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Historic Preservation StudyOver ten years ago Congress called on the National Park Service to investigate Revolutionary War sites and War of 1812 sites, evaluate their significance, and identify any threats to them. The resulting report, the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Historic Preservation Study, is now available online (download the full 144 page PDF here).

Within this report the National Park Service looks at 243 battlefields and 434 historic properties. Of those, 170 are considered threatened (often by development nearby).

Visitors to the NPS’s web site, can find more information about the report and about historic preservation in general. Find links to specific Revolutionary War and War of 1812 sites, get information on Land and Conservation Fund grants, and learn what the public can do to help preserve battlefields. For all of this and more, visit the NPS online.

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