What We’re Reading: July 31, 2008 Edition

It’s only July, but the blogosphere’s already buzzing about job hunting. Sterling Fluharty talks about pushed up interview dates while Claire Potter has started a series of posts aimed at search committee chairs. We then link to a number of articles for after you’ve got the job, covering advice for teaching nonmajors, looking at how the internet affects how students learn history, and considering the re-occurring debate on for whom historians should write books. Then, hear about the challenges libraries face in preserving digital content, learn about the digitization of the Codex Sinaiticus, and find out why it’s so hard to get info about the National Archives from the National Archives. Finally, we link to 100 facts about Lincoln’s cottage, digital postcards and pamphlets from Emory University, and political conventions that changed history.

Contributors: David Darlington, Elisabeth Grant, Pillarisetti Sudhir, and Robert Townsend.

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  1. Jeremy Young

    Thanks for the link as always—and it’s great that you’ve digitized the Jusserand Report, which I had previously read in hard copy. I’m working on a potential article on Jusserand, so his thoughts are always of interest to me.