Most Snowfall since 1899 Shuts Washington and the AHA Down

Last week’s winter weather conditions in Washington shut down the government for a record four days in a row. Because the AHA follows the federal government’s operating status for the Washington, D.C., area, we were shut down as well. But it was with good reason, Washington’s 2009-10 snowfall numbers, 55.9 inches recorded at Reagan National Airport, have broken the 1899 record of 54.4 inches. That’s a lot of snow for anywhere in the country, but particularly for around here where we’re not used to those kinds of numbers.

See photos of the “Snowmageddon,” as some are calling it, at the Washington Post, CNN, and even internationally at the UK’s Daily Mail, which laments that while Washington is getting all this snow, Vancouver, home of this years’ Winter Olympics, has gotten zilch. The Washington area blog DCist also posted a time lapse video covering the historic snowfall event, see it below:

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