What We’re Reading: February 25, 2010 Edition

C-SPAN footage Reflections on Proposition 8Though the 124th Annual Meeting concluded over a month ago, C-SPAN has only just aired footage of the “Reflections on Proposition 8” session, now available for viewing online. In other news, the LA Times has released the names of finalists for their book prize. This list includes three AHA members. Also check out links to a new task force report on graduate and professional education, the obituary of Jack Pole, the ICA statement on Haiti, and controversy around a new JFK series from the History Channel. For teachers we mention two articles: one on the positives of teaching at a community college and another on a lesson plan on the Olympics. Finally, peruse photo tampering through history, check out a newly discovered ancient temple in Turkey, visit the Black History Trail in Tuskegee, Alabama (without leaving your house), and see a history of International Women’s Day.



  • Giving Thanks for the Community College
    Gender historian Hugo Schwyzer writes about his experiences teaching at the community college level. Schwyzer started teaching at a community college in the mid-1990s, against the advice of his dissertation adviser, who told him to wait for a tenure-track job at a four-year institution. But Schwyzer found that his love of teaching more than research made the community college a good fit, and he rejects the "certain elitism that stigmatize[s] the two-year college experience."  For historians who feel a strong calling to teach, Schwyzer makes a good argument for the community college as a viable career path.
  • The Olympic Spirit, Celebrating Sportsmanship and Virtue  
    Have you been enjoying the Olympics? Learn about its beginnings with a new lesson plan from EDSITEment.


  • Photo Tampering Throughout History
    Photoshop as a verb may be a recent addition to the language, but, the practice of altering photographs has been around as long as the camera. Dartmouth forensic expert Hany Faris put together this online exhibit of famous photographic fakes starting the head of Abraham Lincoln superimposed on the body of John Calhoun.
  • History in the Remaking
    A temple unearthed in Turkey predates the pyramids.
  • Tuskegee still rich in black history
    The Black History Trail in Tuskegee, Alabama, takes visitors through the town’s civil rights’ stories; however, this article tries to capture these stories through the written word for those unable to physically visit the Trail. Also make sure to check out a similar article detailing the stories from World War II veterans, Jack Bryant, Harvey Sanford, and Willis Saunders, who “still proudly identify themselves as Tuskegee Airmen, pioneers who helped break down the military’s long-standing color barrier.”
  • A History of International Women’s Day
    Megan Cornish recaps the history behind International Women’s Day, beginning with a New York City protest in 1857 through today.

Contributors: David Darlington, Elisabeth Grant, Vernon Horn, Arnita Jones, Jessica Pritchard, and Robert B. Townsend.

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