At the 124th Annual Meeting this past January, the AHA once again partnered with WebsEdge of London, U.K. to produce HistoriansTV.

This daily television program was broadcast on meeting hotel channels and featured interviews with AHA Council members, staff, and attendees of the meeting. HistoriansTV also produced sponsored videos on history programs at a number of universities.

All of this content from the 2010 Annual Meeting is now available online along with all the interviews and sponsored videos from the 2009 meeting in New York.

HistoriansTV will once again be a part of the AHA’s Annual Meeting next January 2011 in Boston.

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  1. Larry Cebula

    The videos produced last year were so cringe-worthy that I can’t bear to watch these.

    I don’t think the AHA should be partnering with HistoriansTV as they seem to be the video equivalent of a vanity press. My institution was contacted by them last year, they lavished praise on our department and talked about this film they were eager to make to show at the AHA—for something like $28,000. It was like a pitch from Who’s Who.