Name that Decade – Voting

On November 29th of last year we asked AHA members and the public to name the decade, “offer[ing] their suggestions…for a catchy phrase that can wittily sum up the decade.” Ideas were submitted through the comment section on the blog post, and we are now presenting them to you to vote on.  See the November 29th blog post for longer explanations of these names and vote now for your favorite (in order of submission).

  • The OMG! Ohs
  • The Decade of Drift
  • Decade of Audacity
  • The Double Naughts
  • Bush Decade
  • 20 O’s
  • Welcome to the Naughties
  • The Digital Era
  • Decade of Terrorism
  • The Lost Decade
  • The Tookies
  • Decade of Smoke
  • The Fearful Decade
  • The Terrible Decade
  • The Bubble & Burst Decade
  • The Decade of Collapse
  • Decade of the InFEARmation Highway
  • The “NOW” Decade
  • The Unies
  • The Two-Aughts
  • TwentiOs
  • The Aughtities

Update: The results are in!

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  1. Randy Frushour

    Oh, Ok! I now see “The Lost Decade” was a nominee so congratulations truly. Now we have after ten years a true winner – my 20 O’s or zeros lost and i am a good sport so again if now there’s any further assist I can give please request email. I have had the lead at every major search engine for the decade of mention in search phrase “decade name” now I suppose they should take mine down now and plaster your winner.
    LOL. You never know about these things so we’ll see what Google and the others result up but this event of yours goes to prove my point all along griping at Google for puttting it up then taking it down and so the project journalistically is all over the place for anyones input or assault on. I think it though for awhile stands as two or three serious contenders being my “20 zeros”, “the unies” or “the twenti-os” like cheerios. Does though the “Lost” as one of the two-word terms refer to this 201st decade? Too general – Again best of luck, Randy