What We’re Reading: August 19, 2010 Edition

CNN Civil War PrisonIn the news this week CNN reports on a recently unearthed Civil War POW camp, and the artifacts found that belonged to Union soldiers taken prisoner there. Then, read up on two how-tos: how-to join the Twitter crowd and how to get students interested in history. We also bring you two links to image heavy posts. The first is 70 color photographs from the Farm Security Administration, while the second is a book of summer moments from the early 1900s. Finally, read about the controversy around a new Watergate exhibit, NPR’s look at the “Anniversary of a Lynching,” and a new series of biographies from Yale University Press.




  • Captured: America in Color from 1939–43
    The Denver Post
    has put online 70 color photographs from taken by the Farm Security Administration photographers of the effects of the Great Depression in rural and small town America.
  • An Idle Record of an Idle Summer
    As the summer draws closer to an end take a look at An Idle Record of an Idle Summer from 1909 with the National Museum of American History blog.


Contributors: David Darlington, Elisabeth Grant, Vernon Horn, and Jessica Pritchard

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