What We’re Reading: September 16, 2010

Book TV James McPhersonIn the news this week, historian William H. Goetzmann has passed away, the AHA has joined with a number of individuals and organizations to unseal Nixon Testimony, and the National Book Festival has released its schedule.  We also link to three videos this week, featuring James McPherson, the Library of Congress’s collections, and “citizen archivists” at National Archives. Then, read about journalism and history, analog tools, the bygone tradition of pocket notebooks, theflow of the Mississippi River, and two new exhibits. Finally, just for fun, hear alternatives to the RateMyProfessor.com site’s “red-hot chili peppers,” and check out a new game at EDSITEment.






  • RateMyProfessor’sAppearance.com
    Kerry Soper at The Chronicle suggests some humorous alternatives to the “red-hot chili peppers” denoting attractiveness at RateMyProfessors.com. For example, “The Pizza Slice” for faculty who try and fail to be hip. Or, “The Pocket Protector” for a professor who is “unabashedly (or unconsciously) nerdy in his or her appearance.”
  • Mission U.S.
    Preview this new free game about American history from EDSITEment. The full launch of the game occurs next week on September 21.

Contributors: David Darlington, Elisabeth Grant, and Vernon Horn

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