Session of the Week: Sacred Politics: Rethinking the Rise of the Religious Right

Explore the origins of religious right in AHA session 66/American Society of Church History session 5, Sacred Politics: Rethinking the Rise of the Religious Right.

Markku Ruotsila looks to Cold War anticommunism and pastor Carl McIntire, Molly Worthen spans the years of 1970 through 2000 with attention to “intellectual mobilization,” and Darryl G. Hart explains how the “Religious Right Almost Turned Left.”

See below for complete session information, and check out the other “Session of the Week” posts that have appeared on the blog, pulled from the content of the Program of the 125th Annual Meeting.

Sacred Politics: Rethinking the Rise of the Religious Right
AHA Session 66
American Society of Church History 5
Friday, January 7, 2011: 9:30 AM-11:30 AM
Tremont Room (Marriott Boston Copley Place)

Chair: R. Marie Griffith, Harvard Divinity School

Papers: Carl McIntire and the Anticommunist Origins of the Religious Right
Markku Ruotsila, University of Helsinki

God’s New Grand Narrative: The Intellectual Mobilization of the Religious Right, 1970–2000
Molly Worthen, Yale University

When the Religious Right Almost Turned Left: Born-Again Activism before the Moral

Darryl G. Hart, Temple University

Comment: Leo P. Ribuffo, George Washington University

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