C-SPAN Video from the 125th Annual Meeting

As mentioned last week in What We’re Reading, C-SPAN traveled to Boston earlier this month to film a number of sessions and events at the 125th Annual Meeting. This past weekend they made available online video coverage of the plenary session, “History and the Public: A Session in Honor of Arnita Jones’ Commitment to the Public Work of Historians,” at the Opening of the 125th Annual Meeting. At this session a panel of historians spoke on the public work of historians and celebrated Arnita Jones’ career in the history profession.

Click below to watch and listen to the video of the plenary session from the Opening of the 125th Annual Meeting.

C-SPAN History and the Public

See also the other C-SPAN video from the meeting, including America in the 1980s and Government Secrets.

CSPAN America in the 1980s


C-SPAn Government Secrets

Update: C-SPAN’s video of session 85, “Book Roundtable on Beverly Gage’s The Day Wall Street Exploded: A Story of America in Its First Age of Terror,” is now available online.

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