Sessions of Interest to H-Net Groups and Others

The discussion lists at H-Net are much like the sessions at the AHA’s annual meetings, in that they both focus on a wide variety of specific topics in history, covering nearly every time period, region, and theme that historians study. With this in mind, the AHA’s Matthew Keough sat down and found sessions at the 125th Annual Meeting and organized them into the same categories as a number of H-Net lists. See below for a few examples from his exhaustive spreadsheet. These of course aren’t all the sessions in each of these categories, but rather just a sampling.

U.S. Civil War History (H-CivWar)

History of Death and Dying (H-Death)

Cinema History; Uses of the Media (H-Film)

Graduate Students (H-Grad)

Museums and Museum Studies (H-Museum)

Studies Related to Oral History (H-Oralhist)

Public History (H-Public)

Quilting Research and Documentation (H-Quilts)

Women’s History (H-Women)

Again, see this spreadsheet for even more categorized sessions at the annual meeting.

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