Perspectives on History – February 2011

Perspectives on History - February 2011The online version of the February 2011 issue of Perspectives on History is now available online to AHA members (sign in to member services to gain full access). Nonmembers can preview a portion of each article during the first month of the issue’s release. After one month, the content will be freely available to all. Nonmembers can now access the January issue of Perspectives on History.

AHA President
In this issue AHA President Anthony Grafton revisits his first presidential column, responding to discussions the article generated online, saying he’s “grateful to all for these thoughtful responses” and now, “Let’s talk.”

125th Annual Meeting
AHA Executive Director Jim Grossman offers his “Reflections on the Annual Meeting,” and invites suggestions for future meetings. Also, get a unique perspective of the meeting through the experiences of a high school teacher and his students.

See also other articles that look back at the meeting: “The 125th Annual Meeting: A Retrospective,” “Awards, Prizes, and Honors Conferred at the 125th Annual Meeting,” and a list of Council decisions made at the meeting.

Three articles in this month’s issue lead off with questions, and cover three very different topics:

The Masters at the Movies series also continues this month, with Robert Brent Toplin’s introduction, “Take 16: Jacqueline Jones on Two Mining-Town Films” and by Jacqueline Jones’ article, “30 Small Towns and Big Dreams: Meditations on Two Mining-Town Movies.”

From the Teaching column hear Dewey Broder’s thoughts on “Military History at Austin Peay State University.”

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