Survey: AHA Online

Do you use the AHA’s web site, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages? What do you think of them?

Take our 5 question survey and let us know. The AHA is rethinking all aspects of its online publishing program, so we’re interested in which parts of our online presence you use, what you value the most, and how you think we could improve it. This is your opportunity to weigh in and let us know how you and where you think we should develop our online presence in the future.

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  1. Joseph Krulder

    I welcome your anticipated changes. I would, however, like to see AHA address not only more of the perceived “threats” to the discipline, but to find and encourage possible “solutions” toward rescuing the discipline. For example, there needs to be a conversation – open and continuous – on the topic of Historical Ivory Tower elitism. I love reading scholar-speak, don’t get me wrong. But what of the common everyday individual that are closed off to the great research and work conducted by prominent people of History? Can History actually move forward without the support of the people?