Finding History Jobs Outside of Academia

Looking for a history job outside of academia? While the AHA publishes job ads (including some outside the classroom) online and in the back pages of Perspectives on History, there are many other history job listing sites online. This post draws from our Careers in Public History page, where you can find a number of links to job postings for work in museums, historical societies, state and local government, archives, and more.

Job HQ

Historical Research AssociatesInterviews
Get a better sense of what sorts of history careers are out there in our series of interviews with history professionals. Meet Matt Wasniewski, historian in the U.S. House of Representatives; Richard Gillespie, director of education for the Mosby Heritage Area Association; Priya Chhaya, program associate in the Center for Preservation Leadership at the National Trust for Historic Preservation; and others.

Careers for Students of History
Finally, read through the online version of our popular pamphlets Careers for Students of Historyand Careers for History Majors. Each discusses the skills of professional historians, the types of jobs out there, necessary training, and offers profiles of people who work in an assortment of history jobs.

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  1. Tanya Roth

    Teaching at the K-12 level is another good option not listed here. For those interested in making the transition to independent schools, for example, the National Association of Independent Schools ( is a great starting point, or something like Carney Sandoe, a placement firm for independent schools (