What We’re Reading: September 1, 2011 Edition

In the news this week, the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial has opened to the public but features quotes that have left some scratching their heads. Then, consider signing up to be part of a Smithsonian Channel discussion about September 11. We also link to an experiment in crowdsourced article reviewing, a collection of pieces on music history, and the interesting origins of state park names. Finally, watch a video of highlights of the most recent National History Day and look back at the vacations of past presidents.



  • Crowdsourcing Historical Research: An Experiment
    What happens when you place a draft of your history article into Google Docs and ask the Internet to offer responses? Katrina Gulliver is about to find out. She’s turning to crowdsourcing for review and feedback on her article, “Landscape Projections: Australia’s Environment in Historical Film.”
  • Music History Roundup
    The Historical Society blog has collected a number of articles on music history, including a Wall Street Journal article on lyricist Jerry Leiber (who wrote some of Elvis’s songs), a New York Times article on pianist Franz Liszt, an MSNBC article on how early humans used music, and more.
  • Origins of State Park Names
    Mental_floss, a blog for “knowledge junkies,” has put up part 4 in its series on how state parks got their names; from the odd, to the scary, to the mildly inappropriate, most have pretty good back stories. See also part 1, part 2, and part 3.


Contributors: Elisabeth Grant and Robert B. Townsend

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