Bus Fares to Chicago

Megabus to ChicagoIf you live near Chicago and aren’t traveling to the 126th annual meeting by plane, train, or personal automobile, you may be interested in these inexpensive bus deals to get you to the meeting.

Megabus, run by Coach USA, is the best bet for cheap regional bus travel. Fares to Chicago range from $1 to $15 each way for the locations listed below, if bought in advance. These locations are all a four-hour bus ride (or less) from Chicago.

Megabus Departing City:

  • Madison, WI $1–$10
  • University of Wisconsin $1–$10
  • Normal, IN $10
  • Milwaukee, WI As low as $5
  • Indianapolis, IN $10–$15
  • Ann Arbor, MI $15
  • Iowa City, IA $5–$10
  • Champaign, IL $11

Easy-go Chicago also has a $15 day pass from Dyer, Indiana, to Chicago, which is $7.50 each way.

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