History Hashtags

history on TwitterIt’s easy to get lost in the millions of messages users send through Twitter each day. Luckily, hashtags (a combination of the pound sign and text used in a tweet) are one way to sort through the din and find the topics you’re interested in reading about. Simply type the hashtag name in Twitter’s search field and you’ll get a list of all tweets that include it.

Hashtags are a great way to connect during a scholarly conference. For example, attendees of the AHA’s recent 126th annual meeting shared thoughts on sessions, offered links to resources, and connected with each other through the general #AHA2012 hashtag, as well as more specific hashtags like #session138 (for a crowdsourcing session). Learn more in our article “Tweeting the 126th Annual Meeting.”

As we noted in our previous post, “Five Ways for Historians to Use Twitter,” historians who use Twitter have been named “twitterstorians” and use the #twitterstorians hashtag to connect with each other. Katrina Gulliver keeps a running list of Twitterstorians as well as Twitterstorian-related articles on her blog, Notes from the Field.

History Hashtags
Hashtags can be made of any pound sign and text combination, and new hashtags are popping up every day. But what are some of the history-specific hashtags being used out in the Twittersphere? AHA Deputy Director Robert B. Townsend sent out a tweet last week asking for some feedback from Twitter users, and we’ve rounded up their responses, and some of our own, below.

What hashtags do you use to follow history on Twitter?


#ChineseHistory: history of China
#ColdWar or #ColdWarHist: Cold War history
#cw150: Civil War sesquicentennial
#EnvHist: environmental history
#HistMed: history of medicine
#HistSci: history of science
#HistTech: history of technology
#JapaneseHistory or #JapanHistory: history of Japan
#LocalHistory: local history
#OralHistory: storytelling and oral history
#preservation: historic preservation
#PublicHistory: public history
#USIH: U.S. intellectual history

Digital History

#dh (though this hashtag brings up a lot of nonhistory-related content)


#altac or #alt-ac: alternative academic careers
#BadHistory: inaccurate or questionable history
#HistoryTeacher: resources for and topics on teaching history
#phdchat: graduate school issues


#twitterstorians: historians on Twitter

Annual Meeting

#AHA2011, #AHA2012, #AHA2013: the AHA’s annual meeting hashtags
#session138: crowdsourcing session at the 126th annual meeting
#THATcamp: not just limited to AHA annual meeting, but a popular hashtag during it

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  2. Vanweringh

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I’m surprised that you did not include the tag #historyteacher, there are many resources and sources being shared there (and an occasional student talking about their history teacher)

    Another really good one is #histedchat, a bi weekly chat, runs on Wednesdays at 8:30 pm Australian Eastern Standard time which is 9:30 am GMT. The tag is also used to exchange and curate history resources in between chats.

    I hope you will include these in your list.
    (Ps, I find #sschat useful too)

  3. Lee Wright

    We use #HistoryCamp for the history camp “unconference” that’s now in its second year. It was in Cambridge last year; this year it will be in Boston on March 28, 2015. There is also interest this year from folks who want to put one on in other regions.