2012 AHA Election Results

Page Herrlinger (Bowdoin College), chair of the Nominating Committee, announces the following results of the 2012 balloting for officers and committee members of the American Historical Association.

Kenneth Pomeranz (University of Chicago)

Jan E. Goldstein (University of Chicago)

Vice-President, Teaching Division
Elaine Carey (St. John’s University)

Councilor Profession
Mary Louise Roberts (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Councilor Research
Randall M. Packard (Johns Hopkins University)

Councilor Teaching
Joshua L. Reid (University of Massachusetts Boston)

Committee on Committees
Jeffrey Wasserstrom (University of California, Irvine)

Nominating Committee
Position 1:  Takashi Fujitani (University of Toronto)
Position 2:  Thavolia Glymph (Duke University)
Position 3:  Sophia Rosenfeld (University of Virginia)

The results will be announced at the annual business meeting in New Orleans, January 5, in La Galerie 6 of the New Orleans Marriott beginning at 4:45 p.m. A detailed election report will appear in the January issue of Perspectives on History.

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