Name that Cocktail!

In celebration of the AHA’s return to New Orleans, we are asking historians to help us name a few cocktails that will be available at the various hotel bars throughout the meeting. In the spirit of the meeting, ideas should relate to history and the profession!

Possibilities supplied by our own staff include, “the primary source”, “passive voice”, and “the dissertation advisor.”  Have your own creative cocktail name?  We want to know!  Send us your ideas, either in this space or through our social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.)

For a complete list of suggestions thus far, visit our Storify space. The winners will have their cocktails served at pre-designated hotel bars throughout the meeting!

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  1. Jay Driskell

    How about a drink commemorating Eric Hobsbawm, who passed away this year? It would certainly have a peaty scotch as its base liquor.

  2. Uta Raina

    How about Writer’s Block, Endless Procrastination, Missing Evidence, Circular Argument, ABD (agitated, broke, and distressed), Historical Debate or Competing Views?

  3. Jane Giraldo

    Custer’s Last Stand—a good stiff Old Fashioned

    Oral History—your mouth will never forget it

    Whig Martini—always stirred, never shaken

    Presentist Whiskey Sour—use unaged whiskey

  4. Jon Paulson

    The Fernand Braudel: a two-volume cocktail with a shot of everything.
    The Hayden White: Doesn’t matter what’s in it, just eat the glass.

  5. Andrew Behrendt

    Even if it’s too late for the convention, somebody ought to come up with how to mix the following:

    -Eighteenth Brumaire (brandy; a two-parter, naturally)

    -Making of the English Working Class (gin)

    -Protestant Ethic: Order the least expensive drink on the cocktail menu. Noisily refuse to drink even a drop of it.

    -Spirit of Capitalism: Sell the drink at a profit to the person sitting next to you. Reinvest in a second drink and repeat.

    -Revolution from Below: who knows whether this drink really exists; in any case, serve in a Collins glass with Pop Rocks at the bottom