The Importance of Humanities and Social Science Education

I recommend this morning’s Washington Post a column by Danielle Allen on the importance of humanities and social science education – not in competition with STEM disciplines but as an essential complement to science and mathematics learning. Professor Allen not only explains why students need this breadth in order to excel in any field, but also lays out the opportunities within existing structures of K-12 education to move in constructive directions.

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  1. Mike Montali

    He’s right that you can’t excel at any discipline if you can’t read, write, or speak well. Humanities is really the foundation for all learning. Effective communication skills I would say are at the top of the list.

    I personally believe that my liberal arts was the most aspect of my education. It has proven the most useful in the professional world. Not that education in the STEM disciplines was not valuable, but I think they were secondary.

    1. lanre

      Humanities and social sciences help us to understand the world better and the human condition. You cannot sell anything to anybody if you dont understand the human condition

      2. Technological companies cannot sell their technologies if they dont understand human society. they will simply invent things people do not need
      3. Scientific knowledge can be communicated with poetry, stories and art. A lot of teachers have bad communication skills and without communication you cannot even teach
      3. In this day and age in which people join isis, commit suicide and irrational crimes, psychology is needed.
      4. In future the arts and humanities will prove to be the best
      5. In fact, both disciplines need each other.