History Hashtags: Exploring a Visual Network of Twitterstorians

As most of the history community returns to work from summer vacation and research trips, it seems like an apt time to revisit our history hashtags compilation and discover where and how that list has grown. When Lis Grant originally published the list in early 2012, she found roughly 25 history-specific hashtags by #Twitterstorians. After a number of hours of scouring Twitter and crowdsourcing her original list, I found the list has grown to over 60 commonly used history hashtags.

Instead of collecting the hashtags in a static list, I thought it might be interesting to assemble them into a visual interface of groups using Pearltrees. The advantage of visually curating the list allows us to see how interconnected the history twittersphere is becoming, and where we might be seeing large holes and gaps. For example, there are a number of digital history hashtags, but teaching history hashtags still remain in the minority (although I rely on my fellow Twitterstorians to tell me what I might have missed).

In order to see the full scope of the “History Hashtag” Pearltree, click each pearl (or section icon), and watch as it reveals a number of related history hashtags.

What did we miss? Either tweet us at @AHAHistorians or comment below!

History Hashtags and Research & Writing / Topical in American Historical Association (ahahistorians)Collect what you like from your Android devices thanks to the Pearltrees’ app

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    1. Mark D. Bowles

      This is a great list and a visually fun way to present it!

      Vanessa, we are following each other already on Twitter, so take a look at the hashtag I have created #HistoryFeed. I envision it as a general news feed for people to share items of interest. I also plan to integrate it into all my graduate history classes in September.

      Also, watch out for #ScienceInFlux starting September 1st. This is the hashtag for the presentation of my “academic Twitter book.” This is an experiment in which I am taking a previously published historical book that I wrote, Science in Flux, and I have re-written it for the Twitter world. I will be posting additions to the story at this hashtag three times a day between September 2013 and May 2014.

      I am not sure if anyone else has done this before. Yes, tweeting existing books, but never actually rewriting specifically for the Twitter medium.

      Thanks for your excellent work!


  1. Anne Whisnant

    Great list. Under conferences, though, add #ncph2013 (National Council on Public History conf this year). And under “topical” maybe, add #publichistory

  2. Mark D. Bowles

    Thank you Vanessa!

    In the teaching section, when you click on the hashtags it takes you to Twitter but not the hashtag itself.

    I will be sharing your excellent PearlTree with my students in September.


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