Name that Drink!

In celebration of the AHA’s return to Washington, DC for AHA 2014, we are asking historians to help us name a few cocktails that will be available at the various hotel bars throughout the meeting. In the spirit of the meeting, ideas should relate to history and the profession!Cocktail

Last years winners included, “Revise and Resubmit”, “Tweed and Tonic”, and “Passive Voice”.  Have your own creative cocktail name?  We want to know!  Send us your ideas, either in this space or through our social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) using the hashtag #AHA2014. We will collect all suggestions (a link to a Storify archive will be available shortly) and hold a vote in a few short weeks!

The winners will have their cocktails served at pre-designated hotel bars throughout the meeting!

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  1. William Frederick Schmidt

    For Diplomatic Historians

    “Foggy Bottom”

    Suggested ingredients: Vodka and Irish Cream: A liquor clear but unpalatable is mixed with one sweet but opaque.

  2. Jennifer L. Foray

    The AHA has given the go-ahead to incorporate the meeting location, so I’m going with the simple “Panda Punch,” a variant of the classic Planter’s Punch.