Online Directory of History Dissertations Expanded

The AHA’s online Directory of History Dissertations has been expanded to include over 49,000 doctorates awarded by history departments in the United States and Canada. Spanning from Charles L. B. Whitney, who received his PhD from Harvard University in 1873, to Jennifer Wellington, awarded the doctorate at Yale University in 2013, the directory demonstrates the breadth and depth of scholarship in history.

DissertationsRecords include the name, school, year, dissertation title, and advisor for each PhD awarded. The directory can be searched on any of these parameters, including a keyword search for the titles. Universities will be adding information for 2014 graduates this summer.

The directory also includes about 4,000 dissertations currently in progress. Departments provide a list of PhD candidates along with graduates each year. Candidates are usually listed after they have defended their proposal and have a title for the dissertation. Please contact your department office if you are not in the directory but think you should be included.

If you notice an omission or an error in a record, please e-mail us.

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