Member Discount for Paperless AHR

Do you prefer to read the American Historical Review as an e-book? Want to only search through the issue online? Concerned about the environmental impact of printed journals? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, the AHA now offers a discount for members who choose to receive the AHR in electronic format only.AHR

Now when you renew your membership or join as a new member, you’ll see an option to decline the paper copy. The $12 discount will be subtracted from your annual membership rate, so three-year memberships will be reduced by $36. The discount applies to all one- and three-year memberships and must be requested at the time of payment.

There are still lots of ways for members who take this option to read the AHR. You can download versions for your tablet or e-reader from our website, or access the articles through Oxford University Press. For member access at OUP, go to MY AHA, click American Historical Review at Oxford University Press under Publications, and click Continue to the AHR at Oxford Journals. You should see Institution: AHA Member in the header.

Please contact us with any questions at

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  1. Michael P. Procter, Sr.

    Finally! I’ve been wanting digit copies for a long time. I just now downloaded the September issue to my Amazon Paperwhite reader and I’ve had no problems reading it. Now, I can free up some shelf space for something else – maybe some pre-digital books!