AHA Statement of Support for Revised Framework for Advanced Placement U.S. History

The release of a new “framework” for the Advanced Placement examination in United States History has provoked controversy over the nature and content of the AP course. The AHA supports the direction that the College Board has taken with this new approach to Advanced Placement history education, as indicated in the framework and in the sample exam subsequently released by the Board.


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  1. C. Thomas Rezner

    The New Advanced Placement Framework leaves much to be desired. For the last few decades there has been a shift from the basics of American History to fringes that do not provide a real understanding of the America our founding fathers established or why things were created the way they were. To much emphasis and time has been spent on none main stream threads of history which while of interest to small special interest groups have no real bearing on the main stream of our country’s history. The sad result is that we have developed a population aged 10-50 which know little if anything about our roots as a country and its institutions.

    The New AP Framework cements this lack of basic knowledge and continues to breed generations of weaklings when it comes to our basic foundations and institutions. I would submit if we are to have future generations with any understanding of our roots as a country we take a hard look at what was taught before WWII. Then to graduate 8th grade more knowledge was required than we expect those with a BA to have today.

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  3. Glenn Hefley

    It might be possible with this “new improved and definitely not the old” version with all the emails I sent out today, board members might actually read the instructions… maybe… but don’t hold your breath. Instead of Sample Datea, which can be understood to be data that is of the same caliber as the ‘real’ data or a good/fair example of the ‘real’ data.. perhaps the phrase “Filler Data?”

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