What We’re Reading: August 7, 2014

Today’s What We’re Reading features a virtual tour of ancient Rome, a regrettable find in a Berlin archive, Mars 2020’s payload, and much more!

History Links


Rome Reborn 2.2: A Tour of Ancient Rome in 320 CE

Inventories of War: Soldiers’ Kit from 1066 to 2014

Photos illustrating the evolution of soldiers’ military kits.

The 55 Times Richard Nixon Was on the Cover of TIME
A photo retrospective of Nixon’s cover moments.

In Montmartre: Picasso, Matisse and Modernism in Paris 1900-1910 by Sue Roe, Review: “Not Fresh, but Excellent”

A review of the book In Montmartre: Picasso, Matisse and Modernism in Paris 1900-1910 by Sue Roe in the Telegraph.

World’s Fairs Are More Than Techno-Utopian Showcases

Robert W. Rydell, professor of history at Montana State University, answers the questionsIs there a way to give the fairs of years past new life? And if so what would they look like?” for the New York Times.

Mars 2020’s Payload, Curiosity’s Second Anniversary, and Opportunity Goes the Distance


Capping off a very strong week for the Mars rovers, NASA announced the payload for the next Mars rover mission, Mars 2020, just days before Curiosity celebrated two Earth years on Mars. Curiosity also fulfilled its primary mission goal of one Martian year (687 Earth days) in June, while the much older Opportunity rover broke the “off-world” distance record, having driven 40 km (25 mi) since landing in January 2014 (~5.6 Martian years).

History & the Profession


14 Digital Tools for Authors and Illustrators

A few digital tools for writers, illustrators, and storytellers to help alleviate writer’s block, generate a GIF, create a visual notebook, and much more.

Adventures in the Berlin Archives

Sometimes you find things in the archives you regret. Rachel Epp Buller writes about her unfortunate find in Nursing Clio.

Fun and Off-Beat


A Definitive Timeline of Denim by the Decades

From the 1920s’ dungarees to 1960s’ bell bottoms to today’s skinny jeans.

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  1. Dale Laackman

    What you should be reading is “For the Kingdom and the Power: The Big Money Swindle that Spread Hate Across America”(June 2014). Fascinating, never before told story of the marketing geniuses that took a dying Ku Klux Klan of 2,000 members in 1920 and grew them to 5 million in every state in the union. Bessie Tyler and Edward Y. Clarke were brilliant, but evil, and they made huge personal fortunes. Their story became the the subject of an expose series that won the New York World one of the first Pulitzers in Investigative Journalism. A great read no one has ever heard!