Exploring Career Horizons at AHA 2015

The AHA’s second annual Career Fair is shaping up to be a unique opportunity for job candidates, students, and early career professionals to explore the wide variety of avenues to use their history training in fascinating and fulfilling ways. Mentors have already signed up from community colleges, K-12 and charter schools, publishing (both presses and authors), historical societies, federal government, nonprofits, universities, and museums.

We welcome more mentors who can conduct informational interviews or share advice about using history training in various career fields. Sponsored by the AHA’s Career Diversity for Historians initiative, the fair will be held on Sunday, January 4, from 1–5 PM, and all annual meeting attendees are welcome. Mentors can stay for the whole fair, or give as much time as they can. More information on volunteering to be a mentor can be found at www.historians.org/annual/jobs.

The annual meeting will also feature the Job Center with interviews at tables and in rooms. Reservations are now being accepted from search committees. If you have questions about the Career Fair or the Job Center, please e-mail ltownsend@historians.org.

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