Letter of Concern Regarding Reports of Punitive Measures against Turkish Academics

AHA president Patrick Manning sent a letter urging President Erdogan of Turkey to respect the academic freedom and freedom of expression of historians and other scholars in his country. This statement comes in light of reports that Turkish academics face dismissal, detention, and criminal investigation for signing a petition critical of the Turkish government. These actions, if true, violate the principles of scholarly integrity that are at the heart of the AHA’s mission. The AHA letter echoes the concerns of over 20 other scholarly associations part of the Scholars at Risk network, which also issued a joint letter in January.

Read the letter online and below:

Turkey-2016 Final

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  1. Howard Eissenstat

    I’m delighted that AHA has spoken out on this serious issue, but shocked at how badly researched this letter is. It doesn’t mention specific cases, highlights Article 301 (which is seldom used anymore) and suffices with a vague “we hope this is not the case.” Historians should do better!