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What to Do, Where to Go When You’re in DC for AHA18

DC is a lot more than swamp and politics. It’s also home to the AHA and much of the staff responsible for its day-to-day operations. So this year, in honor of the annual meeting being held in our backyard, AHA staff is excited to bring to you our selection of favorite local DC haunts, as well as sessions during the annual meeting that we would like to attend, but probably can’t. (Hey, someone has to chase that pigeon out of the Job Center!) 

Check out our recommendations, and tweet us your own at #AHA18

AHA Welcomes Jill Wharton as Visiting Fellow

The American Historical Association is pleased to announce that Jill Wharton, a Mellon postdoctoral fellow, has joined our staff for the 2017–18 academic year. 

Registration and Housing Open for the 2018 AHA Annual Meeting

Registration for the 2018 AHA annual meeting in Washington, DC, is now open! Those planning to attend can also make hotel reservations at discounted rates. AHA members can bring students to the annual meeting for an additional fee of only $10 for each K–12, undergraduate, and precandidacy graduate student. The 2018 meeting features a number of events specifically designed to engage undergraduate students in the life of the meeting. 

Imagining a “Job Market” Beyond Supply and Demand

By Emily Swafford and Dylan Ruediger

A few weeks ago, two leading higher education publications ran pieces reflecting on important trends in PhD education. Inside Higher Ed published a report highlighting new data released by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Humanities Indicators project. The article drew renewed attention to the now familiar discrepancy between the number of PhDs earned in history each year and the number of new faculty positions in the discipline. The conclusion: “the job shortage won’t go away any time soon.” Meanwhile, in the Chronicle of Higher Education, AHA executive director Jim Grossman contemplated what new student orientation for PhDs could look like in five years if departments deepened their commitments to diversifying the career aspirations and options of their students. 

We Redesigned Our Magazine. Tweet Us YOUR Perspectives!

The September issue of Perspectives will soon arrive in AHA members’ mailboxes. This is a very big deal for Perspectives, as it’s not every day that it gets a head-to-toe makeover. It’s eager to show off its new redesign to historians the world over.

Announcing the Winners of the 2017 AHA Today Blog Contest

The AHA is pleased to announce the winners of our 2017 AHA Today Blog Contest. Over the course of the summer, these historians will be writing for AHA Today about the archival research process and historical documents relevant to their dissertations. 

Committee on LGBT History Solicits Submissions for AHA18

The Committee on LGBT History is soliciting submissions for next year’s meeting of the American Historical Association in Washington, DC, January 4–7, 2018. We welcome scholarship focused on any region and period and especially encourage those working on areas outside of the United States and periods before the twentieth century.

AHA17 Signature Cocktail Names Announced!

AHA staff is thrilled to announce the winning names of this year’s “Name That Cocktail!” contest. Each year, historians submit names for signature cocktails to be served at the annual meeting hotel bars. The names can be historically thematic or play off the annual meeting location.