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Announcing the Winners of the 2016 AHA Today Blog Contest

The AHA is pleased to announce the winners of our 2016 AHA Today Blog Contest. Over the course of the summer, each of these historians will be writing for AHA Today about the archival research process and historical documents relevant to their dissertations.

Seminar from the Institute for Constitutional History: Thomas Jefferson’s Democratic Constitutionalism

UPDATE: The new deadline for this seminar is 9/15

The Institute for Constitutional History is pleased to announce another seminar for advanced graduate students and junior faculty: Thomas Jefferson’s Democratic Constitutionalism. This seminar will survey Thomas Jefferson’s career as a lawyer, statesman, and political and constitutional theorist. We will explore Jefferson’s thought about provincial and state as well as imperial and federal constitutions, with a particular focus on his evolving conceptions of natural rights and justice, citizenship, property rights, and slavery. Assigned readings in primary documents will illuminate his collaboration and quarrels with fellow founders, including James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Marshall; selected secondary sources will introduce participants to the legal and constitutional history of the early American Republic.

EXCLUSIVE: AHA Launches Social Networking App for Historians!

The American Historical Association is proud to announce the debut of TWEEDER™. Available exclusively to AHA members, TWEEDER™ is a powerful digital tool that can be used for communication and collaboration. Or not.

Want to Write for the AHA? Apply Today to Become a Summer Blogger!

A key skill for 21st-century historians, whether they work in the professoriate, public history, government, publishing, or beyond, is the ability to communicate through a variety of media to different audiences. Many historians have turned to blogging to reach a broad public, and the success of historical writing online demonstrates a certain hunger for historians’ point of view.

The AHA is seeking two aspiring graduate-student bloggers, each to write a series of posts on historical documents from their research projects.

AHA16 Signature Cocktail Names Announced!

AHA staff is thrilled to announce the winning names of this year’s “Name That Cocktail!” contest. Each year, historians submit names for signature cocktails to be served at the annual meeting hotel bars.