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About Allen Mikaelian

Editor, Perspectives on History and Coordinator, Media Relations.

Allen helps write and edit articles for the print and online versions of Perspectives on History, and supports the AHA's online and social media presence. Allen is completing his doctorate in US history at American University, received his MA from the Institute for English Studies at the University of London, and his BA from St. John's College in Santa Fe. He has worked as an in-house book editor, freelance nonfiction writer, adult basic education instructor/program manager, and as an adjunct lecturer in history.

In the November Perspectives: Historical Fiction, Historical Mediators, Ethical Historians, Perspectives on the Cold War, and More

The November issue of Perspectives on History is now available on the web (for anyone), and as an e-book and a PDF for members. Members will receive their copies in the mail soon.

We are receiving a high volume of high-quality submissions, and readers may notice that the issues are growing in size. The section devoted to the annual meeting contains the usual practical information and guides to sessions, but also features a historian’s guide to “Walking the City of Serendipity” by David S.

Summer 2014 Cover

New at Perspectives Online: Revising Nixon in DC

Perspectives on History is pleased to continue its online summer issue with a review of a recent panel on the Nixon legacy in Washington, DC, by George Derek Musgrove, an associate professor of history at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and author of Rumor, Repression, and Racial Politics (2012).