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About William Cronon

William Cronon studies American environmental history and the history of the American West. His research seeks to understand the history of human interactions with the natural world: how we depend on the ecosystems around us to sustain our material lives, how we modify the landscapes in which we live and work, and how our ideas of nature shape our relationships with the world around us. Links to all of Cronon's AHA presidential writings and columns are collected here, including the text, video, and audio of his presidential address on "Storytelling," Richard White's bio, and Cronon's complete presidential columns on "The Public Practice of History in and for a Digital Age."

Additional Resources

"From the President" Columns for the AHA's Perspectives on History
"The Public Practice of History in and for a Digital Age," January 2012.

"Scholarly Authority in a Wikified World," February 2012.

"Professional Boredom," March 2012

"Loving History," April 2012.

"Breaking Apart, Putting Together," May 2012.

"Two Cheers for the Whig Interpretation of History," September 2012.

"How Long Will People Read History Books?," October 2012.

"Recollecting My Library...and My Self," November 2012.

"And Gladly Teach," December 2012.