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About Christina Copland

Hailing from the UK, Christina Copland has a BA in archaeology from University College London and an MA in history from the University of York. She is currently a history PhD candidate at the University of Southern California. Her dissertation, titled “Faith, Finances and the Remaking of Southern Californian Fundamentalism, 1910–1968,” ties together Protestant fundamentalism, the urban history of Los Angeles, and the relationship between capitalism and religion. She tweets @ChristinaCopla1.

Letter to a Prospective History Graduate Student

Congratulations! Right about now, you are basking in the afterglow of acceptance(s) to graduate school. Maybe you’ve been invited for a campus visit or two. Now that you’ve made this commitment to become a graduate student, take a long moment to think carefully about what is being offered to you and what is being asked of you. What do you want from your MA or PhD in history? What can you do—from day one—to make the degree what you want it to be? 

The Graduate: Introducing a New Series on AHA Today

Welcome to the new AHA Today series on graduate life! The Graduate aims to provide a platform for students to discuss the issues they face, reflect on the unique experiences of pursuing a graduate degree in history (trials and triumphs alike), and make proposals for how we—as students, professionals, and as a discipline—can come together to address the challenges of graduate education. 

On (Dissertation Research) Roads Not Travelled

From choosing a graduate school to selecting a dissertation topic, a history PhD is full of avenues not explored. Not all research, for instance, makes it into the final dissertation draft. It’s one thing to discard a source that just doesn’t fit. But what about a trove of sources that have the potential to alter the direction of a project entirely?